The Mother

The Mother has cool action scenes with Jennifer Lopez, but it is a cliched action movie!!!

Real Rating:

3 Wolves

What I Like:

-Just seeing the cool action and fight scenes makes it worthwhile to watch, Jennifer Lopez proves once again that she can be an action star, and it was fun seeing her kick butt

The So So:

-It did feel like two or three movies in one which changes the flow dramatically, but for me, it is not too distracting

What I Didn’t Like:

-If you see one action movie, you practically seen them all, it had all the cliches on an action movie check list which makes it that much predictable
-The emotional moments in this film did not feel genuine


For a movie on Netflix starring Jennifer Lopez as an action star, it is not bad. I believe Netflix was the appropriate destination for this film. You can enjoy seeing JLo kicking some butt. Yes it can be cliched for an action movie, but you can’t complain too much since it is on Netflix. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy JLo in a action movie!!!

Real Rating:

3 Wolves


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