Hypnotic is not your typical Robert Rodriguez movie, but for this one, it took a turn to the what just happened?

Real Rating:

3 Hypnotized People

What I Like:

-The story is intriguing, a mystery with a hypnosis component, it really kept my attention, it was even scary at times
-The acting was pretty spot on, especially Ben Affleck who showed some good emotion

The So So:

-If you’re expecting a Robert Rodriguez type of film, you will be disappointed, with that said, it is different, but a good kind of different where it showed an engaging story

What I Didn’t Like:

-With an engaging storyline, it was negatively affected by their twists, it really got me confused, and many things did not make sense for me, you have to see for yourself


A different sort of Robert Rodriguez movie, but for me, my complaint is not with that. The premise is intriguing, but once it got to the twist, it just fell off with a big question mark. Ben Affleck’s good acting cannot save itself from confusing disaster. It is a shame really!!!

Real Rating:

3 Hypnotized People