Fast X (Sidenote: Champions)

Fast X is another fun romp, but the same fun romp!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Golden Lamborghinis

What I Like:

-Unlike its predecessor, this one had a more grounded action that actually had me engaged, it was fun and crazy, and didn’t make me hate on the unrealistic action
-What also made it fun to watch was seeing Jason Momoa playing the villain, Dante Reyes, he was very flamboyant and menacing, dangerous yet entertaining, like a Joker of some sorts, and he really made this film enjoyable, best Fast and Furious villain since Jason Statham as Owen Shaw
-Practically all the cast from its previous movies are back, and it was enjoyable, especially seeing John Cena protecting, Dom Toretto son

The So So:

-You go out to see this movie for the mindless action, and that is what you get, it is no different, but that is what makes these Fast and Furious movies so entertaining, just when I thought I had enough, it brings me back in

What I Didn’t Like:

-This is the start of the end of these films, and with that comes with endings that leaves on cliffhangers which I hate, a lot of unanswered questions, and a mid credits scene that did make me happy, but mad at the stunts they pulled off the camera, I really hate when films do that, and have to wait two years to see what happens


Just when I thought I was done with these films, this one brings me back in. Even though it is the same mindless action, it did seem more grounded and fun. It is the beginning of the end of this franchise, and they are putting out all the stops. Starting with a very formidable villain with Jason Momoa, and bringing back practically everybody that seems to set up one major event. It is fun entertainment, and I am curious where this will end up!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Golden Lamborghinis

(Sidenote: Champions – I wasn’t sure about this film. I thought that it would’ve been completely offensive, and cliched. I was right about the latter. It is a cliched sports movie, but this film is very charming with Woody Harrelson as a basketball coach coaching a Special Olympics Basketball Team. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, but I am a sucker for sports movies!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Pick and Rolls)


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