Paddington (Sidenote: Birdman)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Paddington is a cute and feel good movie, can be cheesy at times, but it is a fun movie for the whole family to watch. 4 out of 5 Stars

The more I age, the more I’m lost when it comes to movies made for kids. Usually they’re based on a children’s book that I never heard of. Of course it doesn’t stop me from watching, and some can be entertaining but I don’t have the research to back me up when I criticize these movies. When that happens, in a kids movie I look for is it entertaining for kids or both kids and adults. Also, does it give a good feel good lesson that kids need. With Paddington, I had no idea what the children’s book is about, but I knew it is famous in England, and it is an origin story of some sort. So I sat back and relaxed, and see how entertaining it is. I will start with what I like, to the so so, to what I didn’t like.

What I like, the story was a pretty good origin story about a young bear named Paddington, voiced by Ben Wishaw, who comes from a very rare species of bears that can talk. His family and him lived in the jungle of Peru called Dark Peru. His species were discovered by an explorer from London named Montgomery Clyde, played by Tim Downie. He needed a specimen as proof of his discovery, but decided not because the Bears were good in their habitat, and invited them to come to London when they get a chance and receive a warm welcoming. Since then, Paddington’s aunt and uncle taught him about London’s culture hoping to go one day. One day, however, a eathquake happened in their habitat which killed Paddington’s uncle, and his aunt decided to send Paddington to London alone, while she goes to a bear nursing home. So Paddington stowed away to London, and met a family who decided to bring him in until he finds where he belongs. The family consist of Mr. Henry Brown, played by Hugh Bonneville, a guy who always likes to be careful with everything just to protect his family. Mrs. Mary Brown, played by Sally Hawkins, a free spirited woman who only likes to have fun with her family, Judy Brown, played by Madeleine Harris, a teenage girl going through a phase of being annoyed by everything her family does, Jonathan Brown, played by Samuel Joslin, a free spirited boy who is very creative in building things, and lastly Mrs. Bird, played by Julie Walters, an old housekeeper who stay with the Brown family. Paddington tends to make a mess of things at the house because he’s not use to using human things which really angers Mr. Brown and wants to speed up the process of finding Paddington a new home. During this whole ordeal, the villain is Millicent Clyde, played by Nicole Kidman, who is a taxidermist for the London History Museum, and the daughter of the explorer Montgomery Clyde. When she found out that Paddington was in London, she is obsessed to find it because her father’s refusal to bring a specimen and sharing the location of where he found them, the club made him forcefully resign from the club. Because of that Millicent wants to avenge for her father and find Paddington for the museum display. She’s obsessed, almost to a point of psychoticness to make Paddington a display. All in all, it was a fun movie to watch seeing Paddington getting into all sorts of shenanigans. Movie had some very funny moments, like Paddington talking bear (which sounds stupid, but when you watch it, it was hilarious). The movie also shows how family love can break you out of your comfort shell and do what is best for your family. This movie is good for kids and adults alike to have a good laugh and feel good.

The so so, the movie did have their cheesy and cliched moments, but it was done very appropriately and didn’t interfere with the main part of the movie.

What I didn’t like, one scene kind of bothered me for a kids movie is the part where Mrs. Bird tries to distract the museum’s guard, and starts binge drinking with him. I believe it wasn’t appropriate for a kids movie, and people should’ve known better. (However, seeing a drunk old lady is hilarious.)

Overall, this movie is a very good kids movie for the whole family to watch. It is funny with a feel good story about love and family. If you are a fan of the book, I’m this movie will do you proud!!! Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

(Sidenote: Birdman- Man I wish I had a chance to watch this movie in a theatre and not by other means. This movie was definitely entertaining, fun, and with a good story. Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu created a very creative masterpiece. I loved how he made the movie seem everything is happening in it’s linear timeline for the most part. Michael Keaton plays Riggan Thomson, a washed up Hollywood actor who plays the beloved superhero Birdman, wants to remake his name as he takes on Broadway by creating, directing, and starring in. Some of the best acting I’ve seen from Keaton in a while and well deserving of that Oscar nomination. Also some fine acting by Edward Nortan playing a douche actor, Emma Watson playing Keaton’s daughter and assistant, and Zach Galifianakis playing Keaton’s lawyer, agent, and best friend. The movie was funny and interesting from beginning to end, and seeing Keaton’s character being haunted by his Birdman’s past as an inner demon, to a point where he goes crazy. (Funny cuz Keaton played the first cinematic Batman.) The ending was a little cliffhangerish, second guessingish, but from beginning to end it is a fun show to watch and deswrving of the Best Movie nomination and maybe Inarritu will win Best Director. We’ll see. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars)

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