Bad Moms


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Bad Moms is hilarious and actually packs a great emotional punch, the acting was great with its comedic chemistry even though the story got ridiculous in the end. It’s the best comedy movie this year so far!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

I get to talk about the beautiful Mila Kunis. I remember her before her role as Jackie Burkhart in That 70’s Show. I remember her as a preteen in the straight to DVD (or back in the day straight to VHS) movie Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. As a preteen myself, I was crushing on her. Even though she is beautiful (Ashton Kutcher is one lucky guy) one thing that does bother me about her is her voice. Maybe because it reminds me that she voices Meg Griffin on Family Guy, but her voice is really annoying to me. She always sounds like she is whining in her movies, and it is a turn off for me. With that said, I believe comedy is her niche in the movie world, and she finally gets an opportunity to lead in a comedy movie. Add to the fact that the writers of one of my all-time favorite comedy movies, The Hangover, is not only writing but directing this movie, it was definitely worth shot for me to check it out.

What I Like: Other than how beautiful Mila Kunis was in this movie? Well she was great as the main protagonist in this film. She was funny, had a lot of charm, and actually posted some great dramatic scenes to give that emotional punch. She is joined by Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as moms who are tired of trying to be good moms and embraced their roles as bad moms. You can see the comedic chemistry between them. Kunis was the voice of reason with herself and her friends, Bell as the shy awkward girl, and Hahn as the raunchy freaky mom. Hahn provided the funniest raunchy jokes out there. My favorite scene that had me laughing was when Hahn was using Bell and her hoody to show Kunis how to please an uncircumcised penis. Seeing the fright in Bell’s face as she was using her to show it had dying of laughter. The movie had a great balance of raunchiness, slap stick, and one liners that really had me laughing. It was that realistic awkwardness you go through in real life that this film portrays that was funny enough for me to relate. (I have bumped heads trying to kiss a girl, so I can relate when Kunis did it). The movie’s story did pack an emotional punch showing how vulnerable being a mom can be no matter what situation you’re in. It got real with their situations in dealing with being a mom that I believe every mom watching this film can relate. Being a good mom is a lot of work to just satisfy your kids, and other people are watching and criticizing you (in this case the PTA parents). In the end, you can’t be perfect and that is ok. I really enjoyed the credits scenes where the actresses are with their moms talking about how they were as moms. Watching it can get pretty emotional. I also enjoyed Martha Stewart’s cameo where she was offering jello shots to everybody, and saying that is how she gets through life. Hearing that from such a nice and respectable person is funny to me.

The So So: I’m being a little nitpicky here, but seeing all these guys rejecting Kunis because of the dumb things she said is not real to me. If she is talking to me cuz she is interested in me, she could say she would murder me and I will still not run away and see where this goes. (She’s hot if I haven’t mentioned that before.) With that said, the story would’ve been less interesting and funny. So yay to plot convenience I guess.

What I Didn’t Like: I liked the conflict of the bad moms battling with Christina Applegate who plays the villain as the uptight PTA president. I just didn’t like the fact that she would screw over someone’s child to win her presidency. Once Kunis won the election, it got real sappy when they all became friends in the end. The lady tried to screw her daughter over by planting marijuana in her locker, which is evil and not ok. It will take a lot for me to forgive someone for doing that. One thing that I was concerned about while watching this movie was the cliché of Kunis’ husband, played by David Walton, coming back after being separated trying to get back together. I was concerned that it will be their main plot point in the end. Thankfully not, and the story is deeper than that, but I saw that coming from a mile away. Plus the chemistry between them was very awkward.

Overall: If you are a mom, do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I strongly believe you can relate to the story, comedy, and message it tries to bring for all the moms out there striving to be the best they can. To me, this is the best comedy of this year so far, and I hope they do a sequel where they deal with their kids in high school. With a great story, it should bring in even more of the story, comedy, and message for different types of moms to relate!!!

Rating: 4 Stars


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