I Can Only Imagine (Sidenote: Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman)


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I Can Only Imagine may have its Christian film cliches and predictability, but it does pack emotional and inspiring moments that is powerful for you and your spirituality!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-Dennis Quaid playing Bart Millard’s father really stole the show with his performance, he puts in a lot emotion as an abusive father that turned his life around, almost every scene he is in, it was intense or emotional
-The song, “I Can Only Imagine,” is one of my favorite Christian songs, and I believe it really did a great job of showing the story and power behind the creation of the song, it also brought many good themes of perseverance, forgiveness, and trust in God

The So So:

-The last performance, not give too much away, the set up to it was pretty predictable, but it still impacts you with a lot of inspiration, and reignite the power of the song brings

What I Didn’t Like:

-Yes it does have its Christian movie cliches which can be eye rolling


It is not your typical Christian movie. A movie about a Christian song may not sound so great, but I suggest that you give it a chance. Once you get past the cliches and predictability, and really dive down to the purpose of the story, it can be very inspiring and powerful. It does bring a good message, and reignite the power the song brings. Definitely a good watch for sure!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman- This is nothing what I expected. I expected a story about the creation of the comic book hero Wonder Woman, and you do get that. However, it was really about Professor Marston’s sexual fantasies and how it inspired to write the comic Wonder Woman. I didn’t even know Wonder Woman was controversial in her comic book debut, but it was. Anyways, decent story, lagged a little bit, but it was interesting nonetheless!!!
Rating: 3.5 Stars)

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