Blue Miracle


Blue Miracle is a feel good story, but it is a way too cliched sports movie!!!

Real Rating: 3 Marlins

What I Like:

-The cinematography of this film is great eye candy, love great shots of the ocean

The So So:

-This is a true story, and it can guilt trip you into liking this film because of the feel good story, but for me it is a all too familiar story even though it is a “true” story, but at least you see a film about the biggest fishing tournament ever
-The acting was decent, but you can tell who are the veteran actors, and who are the amateurs

What I Didn’t Like:

-This was all a sports movie cliche buffet, if this was a Disney movie, I would’ve believed you, but just the title alone can tell you how predictable this movie will be
-Why does actor Raymond Cruz always plays the same character in all his roles?


Like I said before, it is a feel good “true” sports film. This time about a fishing tournament. It has all the cliches in the book of sports films. Because if that, it is way, way too predictable. At least you have some decent acting and nice cinematography for you too enjoy. With all that said, this is a film on Netflix that you watch when there is nothing else to see, and you’re bored!!!

Real Rating: 3 Marlins

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