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F9 is the same old thing, over the top action which is wearing out its welcome for me, but at least with Justin Lin back, there is more development!!!

Real Rating: 3 Tyrese Claims of Being Invincible

What I Like:

-With Justin Lin back at the helm of this franchise, I realize one thing that is strong than its couple pass movies, it had better character development, it added more heart, more of a concept of family which the movie always preach about, so when Dom Toretto deals with a personal issue, it feels more emotional, and adds better depth

The So So:

-Fans of the franchise will most likely enjoy what it offers with the action, as for me, the over the top action is really starting to wear out its welcome for me, it is just getting old and to a point where it is just plain dumb when it comes to its action
-The whole story with Dom and his brother Jacob, played by John Cena, is a bit cliched with the sibling rivalry and there are some parts that could’ve been done better, but the emotion it brought out was definitely heartfelt, and I give credit to Justin Lin for that

What I Didn’t Like:

-Everything else storywise was just way too predictable and way too over the top, how some characters won’t just stay dead really loses the emotional depth of the past movies, and that’s why these films are losing me now, the stakes are low for me, and less thrilling as well


As I said before, fans of the franchise will enjoy it for what it is, the way over the top action with cool cars. As for me, which I believe should’ve stopped after Furious 7, and the death of Paul Walker. It really is wearing out its welcome for me, and getting real old. The action just doesn’t blow me away like it use to. Instead, it is making me roll my eyes. At least with Justin Lin back at the helm, the character development is stronger, and it is making it worthwhile to watch it. There is two more films to end this franchise, though I’m not holding my breath that it will actually end. It does need to end, because it is not as exhilarating as it use to be!!!

Real Rating: 3 Tyrese Claims of Being Invincible

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