Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Snake Eyes G.I. Joe Origins Movie Poster.jpg

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins, may be decent in development, but the action can give you a headache!!!

Real Rating: 3 Silent Motorcycles

What I Like:

-I thought the character development for Snake Eyes was pretty good, it was intriguing and engaging for me to see how things will go down, and how he becomes the hero we all know today, it was actually entertaining
-Henry Golding playing the titular character was pretty good, and shows that Golding has what it takes to be an action star
-The mostly Asian diversity was a big plus as well

The So So:

-For director, Robert Schwentke, I did enjoy the artful cinematography and showing the beauty of Tokyo, Japan, but I question his action scenes, especially in the beginning, all that shaky camera work was so distracting and nauseating, that it made the Jason Bourne movies look like a silent film, I hated that part, and was asking myself, what the heck was Schwentke thinking in that that type of filming would be good

What I Didn’t Like:

-For all the good development for the character, the way the last part of the story went down into how he joins the G.I. Joe, and how Storm Shadow becomes bad just didn’t seem genuine enough for it to be effective, it just seemed like rushed fan service


I liked for completely different reasons than I thought it was going to be before I watched it. I thought the action was going to be great, but the story would be subpar, but it was the complete opposite. The story and development was decent, but it was the action that I didn’t like. Regardless, Henry Golding as Snake Eyes was fun to watch, and it is important for this character to have a good Asian diversity. In that regard, it did is job. But as most G.I. Joe films, it didn’t exceed the ok range of their movies. It was still ok at best!!!

Real Rating: 3 Silent Motorcycles

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