My 2016 Oscars Prediction

Well now, it is time for another year of predicting the Oscar winners for 2016. This year is an interesting year for movies, and with all the controversies surrounding it, this is the year the Oscars got it somewhat right with their nominations. Some are on point, while some they really dropped the ball. Regardless, I enjoy predicting the winners, and telling you all who should win it. Whether you agree with me or not, you can comment on here, and let me know what you think. Now without further ado, here are my predictions for each award starting with the least known to the big one, Best Picture.


Ex Machina

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What I Think: All of the movies are pretty good in the regard to visual effects. However, this really boils down into two movies. They are Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road. It was a tough decision, and what I believe will win will cause controversy with my fellow Nerds and Fanboys.

Predicted Winner: Mad Max: Fury Road. Don’t get me wrong, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was spectacular in regards to special effects, but most of them are CGI’d. One of the reasons Mad Max: Fury Road will win it is because that movie’s special effects were real life stunts to make this movie awesome. For that reason alone it is nominated for Best Picture. Any other year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens would win it. Too bad, Mad Max; Fury road came out that same year, and will win it.

How Sure I Am: I’m 75% sure of it.


The Big Short

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What I Think: All of these movies are really good, and left out another good movie that had great editing in Steve Jobs. This movie boils down to two movies, and that is The Revenant and The Big Short. The Revenant is a movie that really looked that each scene was filmed non stop. It is a treat to watch, but this movie is better known for other things which I will get to later.

The Dark Horse: Star Wars: The Force Awakens can surprise us.

Predicted Winner: The Big Short. One reason this movie was good is the way they edited this movie to show us how the banks and stock market work (or screw people). It reminded me of the great movie of Wall Street, and the way they incorporated visuals to try to make us understand what is going on.

How Sure I Am: I’m 60% sure of this.




The Danish Girl

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant

What I Think: This really goes down to two movies. Cinderella and Mad Max: Fury Road. No disrespect to The Revenant, but this two movies really brought the ante in creativness with these movies. Cinderella was really known for its beautiful costumes that made this movie sort of genuine for a story we all known well. It was very colorful and glamorous.

Predicted Winner: It is also a hope of mine that Mad Max: Fury Road will win it for their creative costumes that really brought out the way their characters are suppose to be in this movie. Some look scary and barbaric, others look innocent, and some look plain weird. It added to the uniqueness and greatness to this movie.

How Sure Am I: I’m 50% sure of this.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared

The Revenant

What I Think: This boils down into two movies (even though I haven’t seen The 100 Year Old Man movie). Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant deserve to be nominated, and it was a tough one for me to pick who will win. Mad Max: Fury Road had great makeup to make this movie unique, but probably it is not enough.

Predicted Winner: The Revenant had so many facial closeups that their makeup skills had to be on point Not only did they delivered, but they showed how each actor suffered filming in extremely cold weather. Each actor was seen with no blemishes whatsoever.

How Sure I Am: I’m 50% sure of it.



The Hateful Eight

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Revenant


What I Think: Sicario and Mad Max: Fury Road had some great cinematography, but it was really one movie that takes the cake.

Predicted Winner: The Revenant. Once again, Director Alejandro G. Inarritu gave another great visual spectacle like Birdman last year. The way he brought out the beautiful scenery of snow covered trees and mountains. The battle scenes, especially that first scene when some Natives were attacking. The Cinematography alone made this movie really awesome to watch.

How Sure I Am: I’m 90% sure of it.


Bridge of Spies

The Danish Girl

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant

What I Think: When it comes to creating a beautiful stage to film a movie, you have to be creative. You have to create and make it beautiful. You can’t go with the bail out movie and film outdoors. So that rules out The Martian, The Revenant, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Predicted Winner: Bridge of Spies. This movie really brought out World War II to life. Director Steven Spielberg tends to do that great with his movies. The way he created the look of the 40’s and the beginning of building the Berlin Wall. This movie should get it.

How Sure I Am: I’m 70% sure of it.


Bridge of Spies

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What I Think: This comes down to three movies. Star Wars: The Force Awakens does give great classic sounds that we all love, but it wasn’t enough. Mad Max: Fury Road gave us some old school car sounds like we were in that big chase scene, but it wasn’t enough.

Predicted Winner: The Revenant. It was really because the way the sounds were mixed to give a genuine sound. When the camera is away from the person talking, you hear it faintly, but when they show the person talking you hear it directly. That takes a lot of hard work in sound mixing. It was almost like, you were here with the guys in the movie.

How Sure Am I: I’m 70% sure of it.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What I Think: All these movies are deserving. But, it really boils down to one movie.

Predicted Winner: My fellow Nerds and Fanboys rejoice. Star Wars: The Force Awakens really brought their classic sounds we all love, and made it their own. All the crazy sounds coming from every different directions really made this a great movie.

How Sure Am I: I’m 70% sure of it.


“Earned It,” Fifty Shades of Grey

“Manta Ray,” Racing Extinction

“Simple Song #3,” Youth

“Til It Happens To You,” The Hunting Ground

“Writing’s On The Wall,” Spectre

Rant: Not only I thought the song, “See You Again,” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth will get nominated, but I thought it could win it. It didn’t get a nomination. That song really gave an emotional farewell to Paul Walker, and made the movie Furious 7 really good. It made grown men cry. (I held it in, but almost cried.) Maybe this song was too ghetto for the Oscars, and their recent controversy with this year’s Oscars, it is fitting.

What I Think: None of these songs really catch my attention. So it was hard for me to pick a winner.

Predicted Winner: “Writings on the Wall,” by Sam Smith in the movie Spectre. This song is nowhere near as good as “Skyfall” by Adele. The only reason I’m picking this song, is because it won a Golden Globe.

How Sure Am I: I’m 50% sure of this.


Bridge of Spies


The Hateful Eight


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What I Think: This one was a tough one for me. We can easily pick Star Wars: The Force Awakens by the great John Williams, but it isn’t really that original.

Predicted Winner: I have to go with Bridge of Spies. Their soundtrack is very calm and fulfilling, and really gave life to this movie.

How Sure Am I: I’m 40% sure of it.


Bear Story


Sanjay’s Super Team

We Can’t Live without Cosmos

World of Tomorrow

Rant: I thought for sure the short film Lava will be there. That short film almost gave me a tear in my eye, cuz I related to that volcano. The Hawaiian music really adds a great touch. The fact that it didn’t get nominated really infuriates me, and makes me question the validity of these Oscars.

What I Think: This is another tough one for me.

Predicted Winner: Sanjay’s Super Team. Not only this is the only won I saw, but I enjoyed the Hindu heritage they showed, and the superhero action they animated was awesome.

How Sure Am I: I’m 50% sure of it.


Ave Maria

Day One

Everything Will Be Okay (Alles Wird Gut)



What I Think: I haven’t seen any of these movies, so this is a tough one for me.

Predicted Winner: I like how Ave Maria sounds.

How Sure Am I: I’m 20% sure of it.


Body Team 12

Chau, beyond the Lines

Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah

A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness

Last Day of Freedom

What I Think: Documentaries isn’t really my thing, so this is another tough one for me.

Predicted Winner: Last Day of Freedom sounds like a documentary that hits your emotions.

How Sure Am I: I’m 20% sure of it.



Cartel Land

The Look of Silence

What Happened, Miss Simone?

Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

What I Think: Once again a category I’m not familiar with.

Predicted Winner: Cartel Land sounds like a Documentary movie I would find interesting and like.

How Sure Am I: I’m 20% sure of it.


Embrace of the Serpent


Son of Saul


A War

What I Think: Another category I’m not too familiar with.

Predicted Winner: Embrace of the Serpent. Mainly because it is from the Latin country of Colombia.

How Sure Am I: I’m 20% sure of it.



Boy and the World

Inside Out

Shaun the Sheep Movie

When Marnie Was There

Semi Rant: Three of these movies I really never heard of. I’m also surprised The Good Dinosaur wasn’t nominated. With that said, it has been a weak year for animated movies.

What I Think: Shaun the Sheep Movie had a lot of charm, but it really boils down to one movie.

Predicted Winner: Inside Out. This movie brought Pixar back to its prominence. The movie was very intelligent and very thought provoking for the whole family to enjoy. It is in my list the Best movie of this year. There hasn’t been an animated movie that gave so much laughter and emotion.

How Sure Am I: I’m 100% sure of it.


The Big Short



The Martian


Rant: How the heck Aaron Sorkin didn’t get nominated for Steve Jobs. That movie had the best arguments this year in movies. It’s dialogue was entertaining from beginning to end, and I thought it was a shoe in. The Oscars really dropped the ball on this one.

What I Think: This really came down to two movies for me.

Who I Want to Win: The Martian really gave a good mix of sci-fy and comedy. It also gave one of my favorite lines of the year. “I’m going to science the $&%# out of this.” I was thoroughly entertained by this movie, and it is one of my favorites of the year mainly because of its writing.

Predicted Winner: The Big Short will win. Though hearing all this banking mumbo jumbo really do it for me, it did present itself very well. It is enough for it to win, and the comedy gives it a nice touch.

How Sure Am I: I’m 70% sure of it.


Bridge of Spies

Ex Machina

Inside Out


Straight Outta Compton

Semi-Rant: Even though it wasn’t his best movie, I still thought my man Quinton Tarantino would still get nominated for The Hateful Eight. He is the king of originality, and more original then some movies nominated here. Ah well, at least he had two in his pocket for the same category. He needs to push himself to get the Best Director Oscar.

What I Think: To me, to win for Best Original Screenplay it has to be really original. If it is based on a true events, to me, it is not really that original. So that cuts out Spotlight, Straight Outta Compton, and Bridge of Spies. So it boils down to two movies. Ex Machina to me wasn’t that original either, because i thought it was a cliched sci-fy type of movie. So it really boils down to one.

Predicted Winner: I believe Inside Out should get this award. Not only is it really original, but it is very intellectual that made it entertaining, and packs a lot of emotion. All that happens with some great writing. It deserves this award.

How Sure I Am: I’m 60% sure of it. If Spotlight wins it, it is what it is.


Jennifer Jason Leigh, The Hateful Eight

Rooney Mara, Carol

Rachel McAdams, Spotlight

Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Kate Winslet, Steve Jobs

What I Think:To be honest, this year this category was a yawner for me. Really, only one person stands out, and I believe they have a legit shot. It’s not Alicia Vikander for The Danish Girl, but if she was nominated for Ex Machina, I believe she would have had a better shot.

Predicted Winner: I believe Kate Winslet for Steve Jobs has this in the bag. In the movie, she was really the only one that was winning arguments against Steve Jobs in the movie. She holds her ground and makes him stand down. She was very entertaining to watch, and against all the other women nominated, she has the shot.

How Sure Am I: I’m 60% sure of it.


Christian Bale, The Big Short

Tom Hardy, The Revenant

Mark Ruffalo, Spotlight

Mark Rylance, Bridge of Spies

Sylvester Stallone, Creed

What I Think: This year is a great one for this award. All of these guys are deserving to win it, because they all made their respective movies very entertaining. I was surprised that Benicio Del Toro didn’t get nominated for Sicario, but I can’t blame them. Tom Hardy a British actor that sounded like Jeff Bridges and really showed what a true villain is all about. Christian Bale showed some great quirkiness as a fund manager. (Though he acted a lot better in The Fighter which got him the award.) Mark Rylance was a spy, but was so cool, calm, and collected during the start of the Cold War. His quote, “Will it help,” speaks volumes in the movie. Mark Ruffalo was the real bright spot in Spotlight, where he was willing to get down and dirty to find the truth. Shows true journalism. Though one person should get, and I hope he does.

Predicted Winner: Only one actor gets nominated for the same role. Sylvester Stallone will always be remembered as the great Rocky Balboa. I was so surprised how great he was in Creed as a trainer. It really makes us forget the dreadful Rocky V. This should’ve been the true sequel. Stallone deserves an Oscar for one of my all time favorite movie characters, because he puts a lot of heart into his character and gave boxing a lot of charm and heart to a sport that seems barbaric.

How Sure Am I: I’m 80% sure of it.


Cate Blanchett, Carol

Brie Larson, Room

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn

What I Think: This one is almost another yawner for me, but one role really stands out for me.

Predicted Winner: Room is a surprise movie that I liked this year, and Brie Larson was a big reason why (though I believe Jacob Tremblay really made this movie). Seeing Larson playing a woman that was sexually abused for a lot of years, and seeing how it affects her even after she was free, really captures the emotion that made this movie really good.

How Sure Am I: I’m 90% sure of it.


Bryan Cranston, Trumbo

Matt Damon, The Martian

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl

Rant: Here is where people have a legit beef about the racial problems the Oscar may have. I love Bryan Cranston and all, but I thought Will Smith for Concussion should’ve gone over him. Then again, Johnny Depp was really deserving for Black Mass. With that said, do I believe the Oscars have a race issue. Personally, I don’t think so, cuz in the last 15 years many black actors have won it. Like Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, and Jaime Fox. The real beef should with Hollywood in not casting black actors who are deserving a shot to act. It shouldn’t be only historical roles. But having a white British actor playing Michael Jackson is really pushing the envelope. I believe they had a bigger beef last year when David Oyelowo didn’t get the Best Actor nod in Selma, and Ava DuVernay didn’t get the nod for Best Director in Selma. At least the movie won for Best Song that year for “Glory,” that put Chris Pine in tears.

What I Think: Cranston didn’t deserve it this year (although, I believe he will win one soon). Eddie Redmayne had his thunder stolen by Jared Leto when he won it playing a transvestite in Dallas Buyers Club. Matt Damon and Michael Fassbender were great in their respective roles, but it boils down to one person.

Predicted Winner: This will finally be the year for Leonardo DiCaprio to win it for The Revenant. Naysayers will say he barely spoke in the role, and had better roles in his past nominations. That may be true, but I never seen and actor suffered so much in a movie role. He got attacked by a bear, and I’m still not sure if the bear is real or not. He slept in a dead horse. He was literally freezing his butt off, and gave emotional grunts where only DiCaprio can do best. He is a great actor of our time, and if he doesn’t win, the Oscars will not be respected ever again.

How Sure Am I: I’m 99% sure of it. (I leave 1%, for his curse to live on.)


Adam McKay- The Big Short

George Miller- Mad Max: Fury Road

Alejandro G. Inarittu- The Revenant

Lenny Abrahamson- Room

Tom McCarthy- Spotlight

What I Think: Three directors stand out.

The Dark Horse: Adam McKay, a guy who directs comedy, really upped his game in The Big Short. However, I don’t think it is enough for him to win, but you never know.

Predicted Winner: George Miller deserves a shot for Mad Max: Fury Road, and I believe any other year he has a legit shot of winning it. With that said, Alejandro G. Inarritu touches gold once again in The Revenant, and will get his second Oscar in a row for this category. He created another beautiful masterpiece, and how he made some scenes shot all at once really made this movie great to watch. Inarritu is a great artist, and I almost believe whatever movie he does, it is a shoe in. If he wins, it will be three years in a row where a Mexican wins in this category. (Another reason why I don’t think the Oscars have a diversity problem.)


The Big Short

Bridge of Spies


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Martian

The Revenant



Semi-Rant: The Oscars could nominate up to 10 pictures. I thought Inside Out was deserving of a nomination, and for the 10th movie, Steve Jobs should’ve had a shot in the nomination. Not sure how the Oscars only came up with eight. makes me second guess their legitimacy a little bit.

What I Think: The only movie here that I really didn’t like was Brooklyn, that movie was too boring for me. The Big Short was decent, but their banking business dialogue really made this movie ok. Room and Bridge of Spies are good movies, but not enough to win the whole thing.

The Dark Horses: Mad Max: Fury Road can surprise people by winning, though I really doubt it. Spotlight has a legit shot, but in my opinion, the journalism angle lost it’s touch at the end of the movie.

Who I Want to Win: Out of all the movies nominated, The Martian is my favorite one. It was smart, thrilling, and funny. A great survivor story, and the political arguments really made this movie stand out for me. Though, it won’t win it, sadly enough.

Predicted Winner: The Revenant. Inarritu is on a roll now, and DiCaprio owes him one to have him finally win the Best Actor award. (Assuming he will.) This movie in some ways is better than than last year’s Birdman. It had beautiful cinematography, crafted masterfully by Inarritu, and in the end, the movie was very thrilling to watch. If the bear was real that mauled Dicaprio’s character, that alone should take the cake.

How Sure Am I: I’m 75% sure of it.

Agree or disagree? Comment below, and thank you. Chris Rock should bring the house down as the host tonight!!!

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