The Accountant (Sidenote: Green Room)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

The Accountant had some interesting moments, but the story is contorted, dull, and confusing at times, at least Ben Affleck’s acting was a bright spot in this film!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

All I can say for the film is that it looks like a good and interesting thrill with a great cast that includes my man Ben Affleck. All I can say is that I’m partially right on this.

What I Like: Some of the scenes in this film were fun to watch. The fighting scenes were very entertaining, and really didn’t make this film that dull. I guess Ben Affleck, playing Chris Wolff or The Accountant, needed to stay in shape for his future Batman movies, and took this role. With that said, I thought Ben Affleck playing an autistic man was fun to watch. Seeing him being socially awkward with other people was very funny, and in a way charming. Affleck immersed himself in this role, and it paid some good dividends. It also had some interesting moments seeing The Accountant being an accountant and how he is a genius with numbers. How fast he works, and how he has to finish what he started or he goes crazy. Also seeing him as an assassin was fun as hell. The way he was fighting and shooting his way in was pretty well choreographed, and made this film watchable. I also liked how it dove, though very briefly, into the world of people suffering from autism. It gave you a great look on how serious it can be, and yet, even with this mental condition, you can still be smart and actually make a decent living with the right amount of training. It does give a happy moment for people who suffer from it, and can aspire to achieve something.

The So So: Not only did I know that his brother was Brax or The Assassin, played by Jon Bernthal, but their reunion was so awkward even by The Accountant’s standards. It showed that they actually missed each other, and have a lot of love and respect. However, the way it happened was very dumb and juvenile that it really wasn’t a special moment when it should be. I thought that reunion could have been a lot better and more emotional.

What I Didn’t Like: The story was all over the place. To start, I thought the editing made it contorted and confusing. It had a lot of story lines that go into one, and the lack of transitions between each story or going back in time made it tough to follow. During the scenes where they were describing stories or visions of the past, it got a little dull. It decided to really develop the characters at almost the end of the film, when I really didn’t care about the character development anymore. J. K. Simmons as Ray King was an interesting character, but his lack of screen time really didn’t make him an effective character whatsoever. He was only there to explain things as he vents to his coworker. The story and editing really was at its weakest, and if it was done better, the movie would of been more effective.

Overall: It is a fun and interesting movie that can be thrilling at times, but the story was very bad. It’s a shame really, because Ben Affleck really did act well, and the cast was too great for it to be that subpar. Wasted roles if you ask me. Anyways, watch it to see Affleck training more to be the best Batman in future films (which I hope are good)!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

(Sidenote: Green Room- This was supposed to be a horror film, but it was far from being scary. It had an interesting premise about a punk rock band playing a gig at a club that is full of Neo Nazis, and after witnessing a murder, they have to survive and escape. To me, it was a typical slasher type of film that was got old really really quick. I am surprised that Patrick Stewart took a role playing the Neo Nazi leader. It was almost like he was out of his league for this kind of movie. Regardless, I didn’t find this film intriguing, let alone scary, and almost a waste of time!!!
Rating: 2.5 Stars)



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