Creed II


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Creed II will follow familiar tropes that leads to predictability, with that said, it is a feel good film that fans, like me, will love and appreciate!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The character development is superb, it still made us to continue to care about the past characters that we are familiar with, like the relationship of Adonis Creed and Bianca and their baby, and Rocky Balboa and his latest venture, but the most interesting development was Ivan Drago and his son Viktor, it tells about how his life was like after his lost to Rocky Balboa and how hard it was for him and his son to survive and trying to have a chance on redemption, that tension with him and Rocky was awesome whenever they meet, especially the first time in this film, great filming work
-I loved how they up the ante on training montages, it is always fun to watch the different and new techniques to train and become better
-The fights were fun to watch with their own minor twists, especially the final fight where you really pulling for Adonis Creed to win with everything at stake, it is funny to me that the fights with Drago always has some political implications in the real world today, talk about great timing

The So So:

-If you are even an ounce of a Rocky fan, you can see how things will play out with your knowledge of the past films, this one has familiarities with Rocky III and especially Rocky IV, as the story goes, you know how it is going to play out, with that said, it was still executed very well to make us care and continue to care of this great franchise, I give kudos to director Steven Caple, Jr. for making it fun, thrilling, and powerful

What I Didn’t Like:

-Watching this film, I was asking myself, they is a big difference between the first Creed movie and this one, and the main reason is that it is missing the magical touch of Creed’s director Ryan Coogler, he is a producer, but his eye on film making is what made Creed spectacular, I mean all the one shot scenes and how you feel each punch is what is missing for Creed II, but Caple, Jr. did his best and that is greatly appreciated


It is a good movie, but not as magical and emotional as its predecessor. I still enjoyed the intensity of the fights, and the character development and back stories that still makes this franchise relevant. Yes the predictability does affect it too, but for all fans, they will love and appreciate it for what it brings. While watching this, people in the theater were clapping and hollering as if they were actually in the fight for real. People love the Rocky films and everything it brings (Rocky V is still questionable). So sit back, and enjoy what it brings before it is over!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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