Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl poster.jpg

Artemis Fowl is a rushed cliched action fantasy that would probably work better as a TV show than an expensive movie!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Trolls

What I Like:

-The special effects were cool, which is probably where all the money went
-The one great thing I enjoyed in this film is Josh Gad playing a dwarf, Mulch Diggums, I thought he was entertainingly good, sort of Han Solo like, and I enjoyed his character the most in this film

The So So:

-From a guy who hasn’t read the book, I thought the story was interesting, but it did felt very rushed to get to the main part of the story, because of that, the character development wasn’t great

What I Didn’t Like:

-The way the execution of the story went, it was a movie that I have already seen before, reminded me of Lord of the Rings, Bright, Harry Potter, just to name a few
-This film really banked on having sequels, and having this film setup everything, in a horrible fashion if I may add, it just ended the film with more questions than answers, with all that said, the budget for this film is huge and they put it on Disney+ because of CoronaVirus instead of postponing it, it felt like Disney just gave up on this film before it even came out, so much for another big franchise
-Dame Judi Dench just felt out of place in this movie


Another film from a famous book, and it pretty much is a typical start of a franchise film. Honestly, it was very anticlimactic for my liking. The CGI was fun at the very least, but not even the greatness of Josh Gad could make this something I should really care about. Add this to the list of failed franchise starter movies!!!

Real Rating: 2.5 Trolls

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