Morbius was just a great disappointment even for Sony standards!!!

Real Rating:

2 Face Changes

What I Like:

-Al Madrigal playing a detective was fun to watch

The So So:

-Though the special effects were cool enough, what was really distracting was the black aura around the living vampires when they fly around, also the excessive slow motion can be eye rolling as well, other than that some of the fights and other effects was decent at best

What I Didn’t Like:

-First off, the story was a bland old story, it looked like it took a bite out the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) playbook, but failed miserably, the whole origin story just felt uninspired, boring, and cliched
-What was really cliched was the villain, Milo, first of all he was boring, and second, he had no real motive, just power and murderous for blood, no depth in his character whatsoever
-I had a tough time taking Jared Leto as Morbius seriously, his voice still sounded like his character in House of Gucci, and seeing him trying to control from turning to a vampire to human was comical in a bad sort of way
-Lastly, and without spoiling it, the mid credit scenes just really made no sense whatsoever


I just don’t get what Sony deal is. To me their solo movies are terrible and uninspired, and the only things successful are when they collaborate with the MCU or have Miles Morales. Unfortunately, that is enough for them to keep the film rights to Spider-Man (GRRRRRR!!!). For this character of villain/anti-hero Morbius, it really felt boring and cliched. At least Venom and Let There Be Carnage was funny at the very least. I believe Sony just needs to stop, let the MCU and Lord and Miller do what’s best, and back off. Cuz freaking Sony is just greedy and it really shows!!!

Real Rating:

2 Face Changes

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