Hustle is a good sports movie, with superb acting by Adam Sandler, any basketball fan will enjoy this!!!

Real Rating:

4 Training Montages

What I Like:

-I have to start with Adam Sandler, his acting was great, his wittiness and hard nose coaching was great to see, and the chemistry with Queen Latifah as his wife was genuine as well, I have said this once, and I will say it again, Adam Sandler needs to do more drama movies, he is a good fit and excels at it
-As a basketball fan, you love to see the ins and outs of how the NBA works, and how the coaches recruit and train their players, it is fun to watch, and the cameos of players, coaches, legends, and even media people gave it a nice touch
-I also enjoyed the vibe of the city of Philadelphia, from the Philly music, the culture, the people, heck even the training sessions were Rocky-esch, add that with the 76’ers organization, you get a pure Philly movie

The So So:

-It does have the sports movie cliche, but I am a sucker for it, the story is inspirational at the very least

What I Didn’t Like:

-A little petty here, but Juancho Hernangomez playing Bo Cruz as a Celtic and seeing the Sixers highlights against them does give a sad taste in my mouth as a huge Celtics fan, plus the recent negative comments Juancho said about the Celtics doesn’t make me really root for him, I know, it is petty in my part, but I’m a Celtics fan till the day I die


Adam Sandler for once made a Netflix movie through his Happy Madison Productions that was actually good. In this case a dramatic basketball movie which I enjoyed watching from beginning to end. The whole NBA vibe makes it fun, the whole Philly vibe makes authentic, and the sports cliche does make it inspirational. I was impressed with Adam Sandler, and makes me believe he knows a lot about the sport of basketball, and his acting in this film puts it as one of my favorite roles he has played in. Keep doing the dramatic roles, and maybe an Oscar will come soon!!!

Real Rating:

4 Training Montages

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