To Leslie (Sidenote: Aftersun)

To Leslie is a feel good story that can inspire or at the very least, never give up!!!

Real Rating:

4 Motel Rooms

What I Like:

-Andrea Riseborough did really well in her role acting as a woman in West Texas who was down in the dumps with her alcoholism that affected everyone especially after winning the lottery
-The supporting cast really helped her role, I mean who knew Marc Maron can change his New York accent to a West Texan accent
-The story is real, but I enjoyed that it turned to a feel good story, in the end, you do end up rooting for the protagonist

The So So:

-The West Texas accent can be annoying, but it is appropriate for the setting of this story

What I Didn’t Like:

-Some scenes can drag a little bit, I mean how many times do you need to see a character moping around


Despite the minor flaws, I did enjoy this film. It is a good character study, and a feel good movie that can inspire. That keep moving forward attitude no matter the mistakes you make can be as real as it gets. I believe Andrea Riseborough has earned her Oscar nomination nod, and honestly, I’m surprised there isn’t more nominations!!!

Real Rating:

4 Motel Rooms

(Sidenote: Aftersun – At first I thought it was a film directed by Terrence Malick with the way of the camera angles with its cinematography, but it is not from him. It is a story of a young girl’s point of view of her father dealing with depression, but enjoying their vacation in Turkey. I loved how they showed the country of Turkey and their culture which looked beautiful. However, I thought the role of Paul Mescal might be overhyped, and don’t think he deserved his nomination of Best Actor. With all that said, in the end, it can be another good character study, but it dragged all the way to the end!!!
Real Rating: 3 Turkish Rugs)


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