Let Him Go

Let Him Go poster.jpg

Let Him Go had some strong acting with their leads, but the way things wet down you will either love it or hate it!!!

Real Rating: 4 Old School Chevys

What I Like:

-Kevin Costner and Diane Lane make a power couple in this, their acting alone makes it worthwhile to watch, it is worth mentioning the acting of Lesley Manville was tremendous as well
-The drama in this can be really intense even though nothing serious is really happening, the music and facial expressions really brings up the anxiety factor

The So So:

-The third part of the film, I didn’t like how it started, but without spoiling it, the execution of how things went down was more grounded which I like, and ended up with an ending that is acceptable for me

What I Didn’t Like

-I understand that the director, Thomas Bezucha, was probably going for this, but the dark cinematography really made it more drab then it should be, especially with scenes of empty roads and flatlands which makes it even more drab, barely any color
-The tone was different from the first two thirds and the last third, it was almost watching a different movie


The acting alone is what makes it worthwhile to watch. I also give credit to the tense direction it gives and the execution of how things unraveled. The dark cinematography and tonal issues does affect it, but it was a good watch. Nothing glorious, but it may make you satisfied or dissatisfied with how it ended. That’s for you to decide!!!

Real Rating: 4 Old School Chevys

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