Cyrano (Sidenotes: The Eyes of Tammy Faye and The Lost Daughter)

Cyrano is a fine love story, a basic story, but the acting sells it!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Letters

What I Like:

-I believe what really makes this film is the acting, Haley Bennett, Kelvin Harrison Jr., and Ben Mendelsohn really did a great job, but Peter Dinklage as Cyrano really took the cake, Dinklage not only added a lot of emotion in his character, but his charisma and and stunts with fighting really encapsulate the character very well
-The production sets were very beautiful, really captures the historical time if this event

The So So:

-The music was great, but I can’t say the same for the singing which I thought it was bad, but if you try to get pass that, you may enjoy the song, but for a musical, you do need good singers which I thought was a big fail
-The story is a nice tragic love story which does sound cliche, but the execution of the story is what made a cliche into something worthwhile to see

What I Didn’t Like:

-It does lag a lot before it gets to the good parts


Since I am not familiar with the play, I thought it was a fine love story. It can be a little cliched, but it still captures your attention. The music is good, but the singing is cringy. In the end, the acting in the dramatic scenes really brings this whole thing to life. It is enjoyable, and anything with Peter Dinklage now is worth a watch!!!

Real Rating:

3 Letters

(Sidenote: The Eyes of Tammy Faye – An Oscar watch. This is an interesting watch about televangelists which feature the famous Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker. Some moments can be very cringy, but there is some interesting themes that can make you think on this true story. One things for sure both Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield’s acting is pretty spot on. Overall it is an interesting watch!!!
Real Rating: 3.5 Giggles)

(Sidenote: The Lost Daughter – Another Oscar watch. This one is directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal and starring Olivia Colman. This is about a mid-age woman on a vacation, but is reminded of her past of being a bad mother to her daughters. It is interesting to see, but the cinematography and execution of everything was very distracting and lacks a focus. The real moments were good stuff, but didn’t like the direction it took. To me, it could’ve been a lot better!!!
Real Rating: 3 Dolls)

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