Shazam! Fury of the Gods (Sidenote: Marmaduke)

Shazam! Fury of the Gods does have some fun moments, but it did lose it’s charm from its predecessor and just becomes another superhero movie cliche!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Skittles

What I Like:

-You do get the bare minimum of what you came for, and that is some of that goofiness that can make you laugh, that’s what a Shazam story will do for you
-The cast was great, and even the villains were well acted, especially Lucy Liu as Kalypso

The So So:

-The action was good, but nothing breathtaking, and it still has the Zack Snyder residue with their slow mo action
-There were some cameos that were fun, but felt really forced into the story

What I Didn’t Like:

-With their comedy there were also some very cringy moments and dialogue that really had me shaking my head saying, “Really now?”
-The story just felt like another villain with a cliched plan against the heroes, it didn’t really added anything new to the table, and the charm from the first movie kind of faded a little
-Without spoiling it, the after credit scenes just felt like false hope, cuz we know it will most likely not happen


I do believe you get the bare minimum of what you expect in a Shazam movie. It does have some superhero cliches, and nothing really new to the superhero genre. With that said, the cast kept it afloat that it wasn’t boring. Cringy at times? Yes, but it does have some moments that can make you laugh. It may have lost its charm from the first movie, but it wasn’t terrible as well. Decent I can say at least!!!

Real Rating:

3.5 Skittles

(Sidenote: Marmaduke – Last of 2022. An animated film about a famous dog from the comic strips. It is voiced by Pete Davidson, and surprisingly J. K. Simmons. I felt that this film was uninspired, cliched, and completely subpar with its story, animation, and charisma from the voice actors. It felt like this film should’ve never been made. Even for Netflix standards!!!
Real Rating: 2 Dog Competitions)


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